Extensive capabilities that drive opportunity

A new partnership has been formed in the Twin Cities between Birch Cove Group, New Directions, Inc.  and Dr. Sarah Bridges, an industrial psychologist who studied with her father, Dr. William Bridges, the renowned author of Transitions .  We have joined forces to form Collaborative Legacy Partners (CLP).  The principals of our companies are combining 100+ years of experience in wealth management, executive career development and retirement coaching to address personal career transitions, whether  as a result of a job change, career crossroad, or retirement in a more integrated, thoughtful and complete way.

Our partnership is breaking new ground in managing the way successful, high impact business executives and business owners will continue to enjoy personal and professional fulfillment longer-term.  In our experience, leaders considering or anticipating a departure from their organization will be more productive and less anxious if they begin to plan ahead for “what’s next” a year or more prior to a transition or retirement.  In our experience, highly accomplished executives will be more motivated and engaged in their work and lives when both financial planning and life planning are synthesized into a single, seamless experience.  This is our approach, where our partnership with our clients and their families helps them envision their ideal futures and develop realistic and achievable plans that bring these futures to life.

Our comprehensive and personalized approach means we understand that financial realities are a significant factor in determining which opportunities to pursue.  Every client is unique and we believe wealth management decisions must align with desires and values to give the highest probability of further success.  Investment consulting, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection, charitable giving, and relationship management are accounted for to ensure every client’s wealth management decisions are supporting the opportunities they choose to pursue.

As we work closely with our clients on their financial portfolios, we concurrently help them gain greater clarity on their future work/life options that best align with their interests, values, motivations and realities.  We help our clients explore, assess, and implement a plan that will have them engage in another full-time position, board directorships, consulting, entrepreneurial businesses, or non-profit leadership.  Many of our clients do something they hardly imagined possible or enjoy a more balanced portfolio of pursuits that include income-producing activities with more time for giving back, travel, leisure, and family activities.

We are excited how our partnership is bringing together the disciplines that are essential to successful transitions and retirements by providing a highly personalized and comprehensive approach that helps our clients make the best, most informed decisions and choices for themselves and their families.